Mary is from Wisconsin in the United States of America

and she visited three times, the last time was last year.

Mary's ancestors lived in one of the adjacent farms to the chapel!

It has been a delight to meet her here!

And at the back left is Cindy, another American beauty!


Lisa and Mike Askew came to visit on Saturday 27th June 2005.

They come from San Angelo, Texas, USA

(Although Mike was originally from Hogsthorpe near here!)


This 1929 Austin visited on 23rd July 2005, courtesy of Roger!

Scenes from the Harvest Service 2005


Visit of Rev Richard Cutforth from Aukland, New Zealand



Richard Cutforth and his wife Donelda                          Richard preaching at Monksthorpe Baptist Chapel

19th May 2007 saw a visit from Rev Richard Cutforth and his wife Donelda. Richard is pastor of the Papakura Baptist Church, near Aukland, New Zealand.  Richard's Great Grandfather emigrated to New Zealand in 1862, the Cutforth family having been part of the founding of the chapel in 1700. They lived in Orby just a couple of miles away. Richard spoke emotionally of the joy of being where his ancestors had stood firm for their faith and had therefore set the standards and foundations of the faith of their family who were to follow.



Special Service for the Boston Normandy Veterans' Association Saturday 2nd June 2007. 

A wreath was laid at the Memorial Stone and Honours paid. Last Post and Reveille were sounded by Maureen Males. The Service was led by Rev Bryan Keyworth and their Chaplain Arthur Males




Wedding of Angel ( Matt )  and Mary Achurra 22nd September 2007



Congregation at Harvest 2007


Harvest Displays

Sam's new motorbike September 2009